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A little prayer

My original plan for this blog was to write about all the things Ukrainians are good at, and while that is still my main wish, I find it hard to describe the great things, as I fear none of it might even exist considering the current situation. To save the world from another negative outburst, I’ve decided to write a little affirmation, a dream for Ukraine and her future.

This beautiful land of forests, steppes and fields, tall mountains, rivers and seas. Her wonderful life-giving soil, with plenty of patient hardworking hands to toil. Her perfect climate with clear four seasons to enjoy nature’s best features. Harmonious society with blooming culture, appreciation for history and traditions as much as for innovation and science. Different people living in harmony and appreciation of each other’s differences. Religious beliefs are merely a personal preference and have no influence on the society or politics. Ethical business practices, ecological production and innovation are the center pillars of the economy. The laws are just and simple to follow. Mutual respect and ethics are the base of the social order. An indisputable member of the European community with well protected human rights and high levels of social activism.

I pray for peace, for ways to find wisdom and forgiveness for those who’ve hurt us, and to move forward, no matter how painful or impossible it might feel in the beginning. I pray for people to stay impervious to hate and despair, to stay focused on the one main idea: prosperous, happy and peaceful Ukraine. Let it be so.


The long road to democracy and freedom

In view of current unending events in Ukraine’s eastern regions, I thought it would be fun to tell about one of the Ukrainian leaders, who happened to be the author of the first modern European Constitution. Pylyp Orlyk was a Hetman-in-exhile who devoted his life to establishing an independent Ukrainian-Zaporozhian state. He sided with the Swedish king Karl XII in order to free Ukraine from the constant attacks of its Eastern neighbor, Muscovy.

The Agreements and Constitutions of Laws and Freedoms of the Zaporizian Host  was the first of its kind as it clearly separated the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power in a state. In addition to delineating the clear limits on the executive powers of a Hetman (Head of state) this Constitution also established a democratically elected Cossack parliament called the General Council.


Peace and equal right to all!