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In the heart of Europe

Did you know that Ukraine is the largest country in Europe? It is actually larger than France and Sweden! (And no, Russia is not a European country, perhaps slightly geographically, but no). Ukrainian capital is Kyiv (the correct official spelling), but many still only know it as Kiev (I know, people need time to learn, it’s not like it’s been 23 years since the spelling was corrected, oh, wait…)

The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian (no, it’s not the same as Russian, sorry to disappoint, but it is beautiful, melodious and incredibly hard to learn, just ask any of the Russian-speakers born and raised in Ukraine…)

Kyiv is an ancient city with a very exciting history stretching for almost 1600 years. It is lusciously green, romantic and divided in two by the fourth longest river in Europe, Dnipro (aka Dnieper). It is said to have been established by three handsome guys and their beautiful sister from Scandinavia, and I can really see why they chose this spot!

I will round off for now and I promise to keep my anti-Russian rants to a minimum (although who can blame me, really?)

Cheers, may peace be with you!